1939 Tues 12:00 Drew pitchurs all morning (cut speech again) Saw Eide + S this aft. - Ray + I went to a moom pitchur tonight
1940 Thurs. I didn't see Leonard any more than just litterly - for a moment... I don't know... Worked today not on Edda - yet... I am very anxious to get on my stuff + get it over with... Bill called tonight - its just as well I was working... I might not have been able to stick by my resolution
1942 1:00 (Gee, gotta get up + wash m'hair) Batted around down town + wore myself out - Bought another dusty-pink sweater. Got my shoes dyed green. And some makeup for me + m'legs + D.J., Shirley, Collins + I tore around - Tres fun. Saw Leonard.
1943 SUN 1:30 A fine, beautiful day. Got up and ironed clothes, read the N.Y. Times, took an extensive sunbath on our roof. Ushered at the tea, wore my grey dress in Herman came at 5:00 We sat by the river. Went to dinner at the Gold Rose. Went a double Feature