1939 Wednesday My job isn’t over yet – not by a long shot… painted all day on wall – stay and cleaned up the caricatures… Ray took me over to a show to-night… Mr. Foyd didn’t even recognize me at first (He was so used to seeing me in painty slacks)

1940 12:00 I’m “going commercial” with a vengeance. Did some lousy aluminum leaf silhouettes for Alex Rinskopf at new Java Shop… (It would have been a perfect place for some really clever little dancing gals!) Mr. R. is very swell… and the last letter said he is going to call me soon about doing some rooms… which should be fun + lucrative

1941 Sat Home, thank God! Drove + Drove thought we’d never get here – Caroline is a little devil (I don’t know about those 10 kids, Leonard)

1942 Sun I had a date, but wasn’t here when he called for the 2nd time! D.J. + I saw Saboteur – which was one reason I was so horribly taut

1943 MON Saw Mr. + Mrs. S. off on the 20th Century Limited. wished, violently, I were going, too… Wore my green plaid dress – felt undressed. It rains…