1939 (11th) Sunday 11:30 I hope I never see another piece of cake or pie, etc. – for a long, long time – I ate all day – girls had a buffet supper at Margeurite’s – Margaret leaves for the hills Saturday. Wants me to come out

1940 12:30 Well, I hope Leonard had a good time at the dance tonight! – (Like hell) He doesn’t seem to realize I’m hooman and enjoy prosaic things like dates + dances and being kissed – I’m going to push him out of my mind. He’s evidently had no trouble [doing] the same with me –

1941 As Tracy Land said last night “I’m such an unholy mess of a girl” – Gee, I spend all my time getting myself into things I have to get out of.

1942 Sat Woke up + felt awful this morning. Not improved enough to be ambitious, got a few things done. Del came! – had her over for dinner. We talked until now.

1943 SUN of course, I had to wake up early. Wrote a long letter to Mother. (To Leonard, too)… We had a big fat breakfast… ate + ate… And dinner at a little French restaurant. Sully + I did exercises. That’s all –