1939 Sunday – 7 of us went up to Hell Rapids about 9:00 this morning went swimming ate dinner – I had the sense not to get sunburned – Tomorrow is Will Osborne + no date!

1940 2:00 Sun… “My Day” was devoted to Bill… he is just the same. We went swimming at the Lake + at Drake, both… Show ate tonight… Moonlight… breeze… maybe I’m a fool to start this again, but I’m so restless tomorrow is Hal Kemp + no date!

1941 (15th) 10:30 (After thinking about it, I’m afraid I was a little cheap last night – next time I’m w/ Leonard, I’m going to hold down more – I was in a confusion of indecision all day – tired. Minneapolis – going Thurs! –

1942 Tues We went to the Dance, but several things conspired to prevent my enjoying it. D.J. + I had a slight difference of opinion… it rained. Leonard was very tired. Hall’s depressed me. But.

1943 WED We had lunch at Toffenetti’s. Shrimp Salad Sandwiches… A lovely day making slews of market calls. .. Wrote an “afterthought” to Leonard so he wouldn’t think me too impulsive