1939 SAT. Eleanor went to Chicago – I literally got her ready – she was certainly a scatter-brained – I wanted to go too – But she should be away from all of us – again no date!

1940 11:30 Mon God… hot… confused… What should I do?… Should I keep on w/ Bill?… Is it right?… Blah. Leonard was at Hal Kemp tonight with some little babe. I saw him this afternoon… He is young.

1941 D.J., Iver, Clara + I had a picnic… went to Symphony enjoyed myself.

1942 Wed Society of Lower Basin Street… Virginia is back. She + Peggy were over tonight for a while. She’s thin + brown.

1943 THURS First Fashion Group Luncheon I’ve enjoyed… Mrs. Stote took Miss Prinzing from McCreey’s. We had martinis first. (I was blind for the first half of the program) Mrs. Stote showed me her new apartment