1939 1:15 – And I thought I wasn’t going to the dance! – Egad – A 6 ft blond from N. Dakota – Sara’s friend – And I saw Ray! And was he bowled over – I hope he was duly impressed – Everyone was there

1940 12:00 Bob, Leonard, Emil + I went to My S. My Son this afternoon… I went out to school… at last had the opportunity to tell Leonard that what he wrote in my Edda was the nicest thing that has ever happened to me… He bolted before I could say the rest; he was floored, I think – + a little scared… I talked to Kenny

1941 Minneapolis – Bob. Mr. Witmer – swell – okay Joe – told me to go to New York! – said I could do anything I wanted to! Still think I want to be at Auggie n. yr.

1942 Fri * Made Kay ok posters all day. La- de-da. While I was at Bernie H’s recital, Mother entertained R.H.#, L + B. I brought John + D.J. back for coke + ice cream

1943 SAT Wow! Jarv certainly hasn’t changed! He was over this afternoon… He now weighs 210!… Baked a cake, cleaned the apartment very well (+ was duly appreciated) Stayed up late washing my hair + ironing.