1939 9:50 – I laughed to myself intermittently all day. – However, I am wondering just who has the last laugh as my ear caught no faint ring of the telephone this evening. – I wrote Eleanor + told her all about it – She got a bang out of it – I wonder what Ray thought!

1940 1:30 Sketched all afternoon… This evening I introduced Peg + Jo – Egad, those two are absolutely irrepressible! Saw Leonard for a couple moments today – electric as ever. I hope I dream of him

1941 Got home about 8:00 – Hellish ride – Been getting ready all day. Can’t believe I’m going – Leonard called from Brookings – (It would have been horrible if I hadn’t even heard from him) – Butterflies in my stomach

1942 Sat Del’s staying w/ me tonight + I enameled wood-work this morning. I enjoy working like that. We sat out on the porch + talked

1943 SUN Felt restless, vaguely resentful. Wrote home + Leonard as usual. Walked over to Central Park + saw the Bache exhibit. Lois + Sully had company (+ my chocolate cake!) – We had a very swell dinner, w/ a nice roast.