1939 11:30 Well, Monday night’s glammer boy has left for Minneapolis – I’ll probably never see him again – But it was perfect – I don’t know if I’ll ever have a date with Ray either, for that matter – I may get another job at school!

1940 12:00 Clara came in today + we rewrote first act… I suppose we must get it revised + sent to Krause… The incredible happened… Jo, Peg + I went swimming + so did Bill ! – He was marvelous… Poised, friendly, assured.

1941 Sun – In Chicago. – uneventful trip – didn’t get “The Waltz” learned. –

1942 Sun God, I’m a bitch. I don’t deserve to have anything nice happen to me – like going to the dance tomorrow. Saw Tortilla Flats.

1943 MON (Evidently a dull day! I can’t remember) I wrote to Leonard again – (heard from him. He’s probably going this week) took it out to mail. Walked down + got us cupcakes.