1939 11:45 Ray whistled at me by Sara’s! All I did was read + knit – wrote Marg. a letter – got my knees sun-burned did the dinner dishes – Sara, Nessa + I went to “Wuthering Heights” – Maybe someday I’ll fall in love – hard like those two – I hope so

1940 Sat A blank day because I didn’t see Leonard… My friends must be sick of my talking about him so incessantly. (Jean V. this noon – Nessa + Del tonight) Del is staying with me. Folks at Lake

1941 Mon

1942 Mon Did go to Louis Armstrong Leonard + I were acutely aware of one another all evening. I think we’re getting entangled on a purely (?) physical feeling

1943 TUES Oh, agony. The Buyers Dinner at the New Yorker. I wore my black dress all day was WARM. And also felt very pregnant (!) Made the placecards this afternoon… An ensign followed me off the bus.