1939 11:45 Practically wore myself out finishing the last sleeve of my sweater… I really put in a day – washed floors cleaned davenport, etc. – Tonight I played Rhapsody in Blue over about 3 times… It made me lonesome.

1940 Sunday Rainy… dark… windy… cold… lonesome. I was absolutely worthless all day. I tried to sleep – couldn’t… Yet I was glad to be alone… Was out w/ Spence. He made me feel so ashamed… I haven’t been doing a thing; he works 11 hrs a day.

1941 Riding on Challenger – East – Eleanor + I had fun in Chicago. I saw Mills exhibit… walked my feet off… Maybe we’ll go to New York next year –

1942 Tues R.H. #, D.J. + I went bike riding from 8:30 – 12:00 – Could have had a date w/ Wilber. Attended a dwk’s funeral

1943 WED I was owly this morning, querulous. Herman + I ate at Toffeneti’s. Argued. I felt better, strangely enough. We went to Central Park for the Band Concert… I’ll be glad when he goes for a special reason.