1939 Saturday 11:45 Stayed with Virginia to-night – ate dinner with her. – We drove around after the rain… came home + ate potato salad

1940 Mon Well I’m not going to bed tonight Clara + I are revising our play The Girls – We took Bill for a ride tonight… He then took us to a show… We talked for a long time afterward… He was swell in his own stupid way. He just doesn’t understand.

1941 I don’t believe it – I’m here at last! – Hm. – “Mike" is my room-mate. She is sweet, Mr. Trask met me in a station wagon. I wandered around Boston by myself this aft. Almost got waylaid to New Hampshire.

1942 Wed – Gee, still didn’t get any talking done. He asked me was I happy. We’ll talk “next time”. D.J. + Shirley were over. We’re compatible.

1943 THURS Oh damn. I feel so rotten. Leonard’s letter, written Sunday, came today. He is being shipped “somewhere”. I’d hoped + hoped something would prevent its happening. It was the climax to a hellish day… I’m grim, I know