1939 12:15 – to-day – Eleanor telephoned from Chicago – she can have a job there – It would be awful without her – but probably her best bet – Mr. Eide phoned this aft. - + my job is fixed! – I’m so glad. – Talked with H. Richards. So much has happened.

1940 1:00 Tues Well – we finished at 5 this afternoon! – It isn’t so hot either… We plan to read it tomorrow night to Bob, Emil, Leonard + Del in the back yd, after a picnic supper. Now Bob can’t come. I didn’t like his attitude… Too Bad we can’t ask Bill. But that would be messy!

1941 HAD fun today – little leery about things this morning (especially $125!) But I guess its all okay. Went swimming with a very nice fella – sort of a date tonight – Good Night – I have a part

1942 Thurs. Leonard is absolutely WILD. Would not leave until I kissed him goodnight (for about the 5th time)He + Wilber both were at the door Thought he’d gone! – Talked w/ V.R.N.

1943 FRI Oh God, what a day. One of the worst I’ve ever had… I’ll never do anything in the Art Dept again! – Mrs. Stote was wonderful. I talked to Herman + got just as much understanding as I expected. We saw H.M.S. Pinafore. Had beer + corned beef sandwiches.