1939 Monday 9:35 – Eleanor sent us a telegram this morning she isn’t taking the job + will be home soon – I’ll be glad to see her – I’m tired – walked 6 miles today – Took my sweater down sized my job out at school Met the “Mister Payne”

1940 Wed. Who tonight had his head in my lap. We read the play + had so much fun… After we watched the 12 o’clock plane take off we came back here again (we had had the picnic in the b. yd. too) and wished we were necking but felt ourselves too superior for anything prosaic like that (But I didn’t – Leonard said someday I’d know the story behind the news?

1941 (I don’t know if this is quite worth it – but I’m determined to make the most of it) Gee, people are muttering lines all over the place – in all different accents! Mike + I first compared yrbooks. Glad I brought mine – One of the fellas made a pass at me – made me mad. Phooey – went swimming

1942 Fri Who (L) nicely messed up the date I had with Wilber tonight. By happening to be in the Palace when we came in. W. was very sweet. Very Platonic.

1943 SAT I FELT IT WAS TIME SOMETHING NICE happened. Mr. Krikorian CALLED ABOUT 1:00 WE SAW AN Advertising Art EXHIBIT; SAT ALL AFTERNOON IN THE Gamecock, DRINKING Planter’s PunchesHe’s GOING TO London. A LETTER FROM LEONARD. WHO WAS definitely on his way SOMEPLACE.