1939 Wed Carp asked me to go to the banquet with him. Now I don’t know what to do. – Suppose it will be Bob. I like both of the fellows. – shouldn’t want to hurt either.

1940 1:00 Thank you, God, for letting me have moment like I’ve had today… For just being able to sit downstairs (like I was a minute ago) with Bob + Leonard… just incoherently grateful for their presence… For having fun with a different W.W. in Sioux City… for riding home with Ray + Wyman. And for Leonard.

1941 Sat Convocation (which I didn’t make) Variety show – banquet (programs + flowers) Game – 66-6 – Show – Boyer

1942 SUN 12:05 (Well, it’s about time I started writing in here again!) Today would have been lovely if Eleanor hadn’t turned neurotic at Breakfast! I went to church by myself. (but met Bob) Granskau was wonderful. Tea this afternoon with Chils + Marie – And Bob Rief + I went out to school to see Mr. Eide’s stuff tonight.

1943 MON Time! Time! Time! – Oh God – I wish I were free of it… I read Thomas Wolfe today… which shouldn’t be done by the clock! … Weezie + Peg were so slow they missed their chance for dates… my cover proofs are good!