1939 10:45 Gave my oration for Hugo tonight. I'd be okay if I only knew it. Ray came out after me... I certainly get along perfectly well with him.
1940 Thurs. The Edda is in a horrible mess... Kenny has sold exactly 1/2 enough ads - I wish I knew what to do!... Made a lot of posters... Rained to beat anything this aft... Got caught in it... Ushered at C. Music deal tonight -
1941 11- Wish it was a wk from today - I feel awful. - Fell off the sets (a folding chair) nearly amputated an arm - ha... ha - ha (I'm going to have a PRACTICE TEACHER! - ------ Oh yes, Fred was married today - I barely remember him.
1942 SAT 1:20 READING Buddenbrooks is entertaining, but not what I'd consider a no. 1  8 at Eve! I wonder if Leonard was writing or if someone had him out R. Date... Well, filled classes this aft. - Summer School Schedule figgered out. -
1943 SUN Was quiet, letter writing + lonesome to be home this Sunday... But Stan McCormick called about 6:00. Took Peg + me to dinner... He's certainly not changed; (nor smoother) Then Peg + I went to the West End Bar to meet Jarv + his brother.