1939 10:30 - Sunday - It doesn't seem possible that the day can be over (We didn't eat breakfast till 11:00) Marg + I made it - Eunice + Marg ate over here for dinner - I'm still happy, learned my oration. I kept thinking about how much I liked the way I was kissed last night! 
1940 Tues. Got back about 10:30 this morning. - Mother + Bill met me at the train... I managed to get some sleep this time! - ... I got cleaned up a little, put on my suit + went out to school - swell to see the kids again! - Virginia came over -
1941 10:30 EXAMPLE "A" - Excellent case of frazzled nerves - was on knife edge all day - very stupid - I've got to just hang on - It is hell to try  + accomplish anything in this condition however. - Heard from Kathleen
1942 Thurs Quite successful evening. We did have fun (except it snowed!) - We went to the Dakota - ate popcorn; went to Deeky's Diner; painted "Ole" - it was a little wearing. (It was Betty Blast nite!)
1943 FRI Again, the "issue" arose and was clarified... This time a little more rationally, a little more clearly. I may not be entertained so royally in the future as I have been, but I couldn't do otherwise, I felt. We had dinner (SWELL) at the Rogers. Went to his apt.