1939 12:00 Tomorrow at 10 we (Joe + I) take the bus to Aberdeen - The rest are driving up. My oration went better tonight. Ray brought me home. He said he'd call Sunday. (I have my date to J.S. - It seems so odd)
1940 Fri - Bill called again... date tomorrow night... I'm probably asking for trouble - Bob, Leonard + I worked tonight - Leonard + I saw the Northern lights out at school - Donna + I asked them for Monday Night - I asked Leonard! Made a speech in Student Body.
1941 Sat 12 - Blue circles I am getting under the eyes - My youth is fast departing... Why I should waste it teaching school, I can't imagine! - Rehearsals + stage sets all day - Both of the plays look foul!
1942 Sun Darling, I'm sorry I was such a dead head tonight... Not even you could jar me out of what I was in... I couldn't even have told you what was the matter when you asked me - 
1943 Mon... It's getting so that the men in the flower markets greet me in the mornings... that's fun... I'm always earliest in our little office. Bored when I don't have enough to do. A mfg. thought Mrs. Stotes + I were Mother + Daughter.