1939 Sat - 12:00 Just to finish out the week right - Went to a movie w. Sara --- I can't wait to see Eleanor - I wonder if she has changed -
1940 3:00 Well, I hope you're satisfied, now! God, why do I do these things? Absolutely I'll never go out with Chuck again! - Of all the cheap little fools - why do I for one minute think I can bear to live with myself + act like this? - Thank God, I do feel conscience-stricken!
1941 Tues. Stayed home + sewed - felt terrible all day until tonight - There were blackouts in Calif. - Air Raid warning in New York City. 
1942 WED. gobble, gobble, gobble. - I'm glad I'm not one of those young matrons for whom I gave a report on William Saroyan. The other soldier called tonight... Some guy. I went out to school about 3:15 and worked till 5:00... John + Shirley + I had coffee...