MAY 22

1939 Mon 11:40 - Everything is swell - The frogs are croaking outside - It is cool and breezy... I accomplished nothing except a new pair of shoes today - Ray + I read Ogden Nash on the lawn this aft. - tonight I was already for bed + he came after me his sister was going to ship a little collie to Nebraska. We went out of town + picked it up. It was so small.
1940 Wed All school picnic - ha! - Clara + I spent the day giving out on The Girls. We barely finished in time to read the raw product in class. It went over. Mr. K was quite overcome after class at our leaving (Clara + Me) - 
1941 11:30 Hold your breath, kid - I think we're on the last stretch! - Finally got all the place cards printed - Under pressure - Senior Class play tomorrow
1942 Friday At least I got a whole slew of clothes washed today... Emil enlisted in the navy... Wilber got his notice for a physical. Peggy got a job... Chuck Harris was on Make Island! D.J. + I went for a ride
1943 SAT We went to a Party thrown by the American Newspaper Guild... People were singularly unimpressive! - H danced with me! - not badly, either. - Carmen Amaya + a hypnotist - floor-showed. The apt. is beautiful. Lois + Sully are to see it tomorrow, I hope. Lunch w/ Donna