MAY 25

1939 Thurs 7:30 Finished big cartoons today - I'm going to start studying!
1940 Sat I went absolutely wild today + last night trying to figure the Plymouth deal out... I finally sent them a procrastinating letter. Spence took me to "L. Russell" tonight. I don't think I'll go with him anymore.
1941 Feel pretty good - trying to rationalize myself outta worrying - Doesn't quite work! - I hope everything looks okay! - Hope a little bit of FUN - 
1942 Mon Gee, my legs rilly got burned - Killed me all day... Everybody saw L. but me today. D.J. said he was irked at not finding me home last night. We lay out in b. yard. Got cokes
1943 11:30 Donna Brown is staying w/ me tonight. We ate over at Barnard. Mr. Krikorian took me to lunch this noon... He is marvelous; maybe going to London soon... O.W.I job. He says ours is no longer a "business relationship"! - Here we go again!... He walked me back down 5th Ave.