MAY 26

1939 Fri 10:30 - Feel awful
Fooled myself last night - went to sleep instead of studying - 11 hrs. - Studied this morning + tonight w/ M. Allan + M. Vercoe 
1940 Sun I think I just snapped out of jag phase. I hope its over... Went to church with Mother... All day practically, I've been thinking about the War. I didn't think it would even affect me personally, but it has. Out w/ Jake.
1941 Oddly enough, I've enjoyed myself today - Slaved from 7:30 to 6:00 1/2 hr to get ready. Really managed to look presentable - At least the kids thought so - Tom sent me 3 huge gardinias. Yes - I wore them - 
1942 Tues Well, we're going to Minneapolis tomorrow. Can't get too thrilled about it. Suppose I should go, though. Leonard could have said g'bye to me!
1943 Wed Marie Johnson's staying with me. I'm convinced she's quite mad. Quel naivete... she wants to get a librarian job w/ Pan Am. I ate late + by myself. Didn't mind.