MAY 23

1939 10:00 I am really tired - Did about 5 of the big cartoons today. - Tonight some of the gals went on a picnic - I didn't get home in time to go to the show with Ray, darn it - 
1940 Thurs Planned to attend my last classes in College today, and they didn't meet! - Cleaned out my two art desks + got started studying for Teaching of Eng. Exam tonight.
1941 11:30 It's a matter of living through " the rest of it now - Wish I didn't worry about this deal so much. Thank God, I've taught my last class.
1942 Sat 3:00 (Oh Darling, I've got it bad -) Mister Payne called me for lunch, but I was meeting D.J. + Marie - We went to the dance tonight... Silly fun. Saw Auggie kids all over.
1943 SUN NO chance TO RELAX - I'M IN A helluva MOOD - ME Marie FOR breakfast (SHE TALKED AN ARM OFF ME) - WASHED MY HAIR, READ THE Times ON THE ROOF; NEARLY died OF FRUSTRATION WHEN 5 buses PASSED ME OOP... LOIS + SULLY + I SAW THE APT. (Gee, I HOPE IT WORKS OUT!) (I FORGOT my money, couldn't eat with em) Couldn't get to see Ballet