1939 Sunday – Grim – I should feel relieved that I’m all through – It’s been long + hard though – I’m pretty messed up – lost 5 pounds (which I’m thankful for) Ray didn’t call – I waited on the front porch – I don’t especially care

1940 WED 12:15 I don’t feel radically different after this morning – just terribly numb and depressed and sort of lost…, knowing that college – the integral 4 years of it – are over for me… Augustana has given me something fine + hard + real that I hope I have the sense to hang on to! … Nothing “happened” today – just exasperating innuendos… Mr. Spitz, etc. took me to dinner new job

1941 Wed Bill + I went to the races… It was the most fun I’ve had here… We “made” our way out of winnings. We won $8.80  on “Little Red Fox” – H’m, I’m just psychic!

1942 11:45 D.J. + I intended to go to Saboteur – went out to school – assimilated Leonard, Bill, Harold + R. H. #. Cokes at the Palace. Donna + I had hamburgers + talked afterwards. Another Art Student today… Heard from Emil and Dick. We all wrote Emil

1943 FRI 1:00 When I came in (after a Kosher dinner and Cabin in the Sky and a nauseous hour on Riverside with Herman) here was a tender white Magnolia Bud from Leonard… How can I love him so much? And a lovely letter this A.M.