1939 Monday Felt pretty lousy this morning – Tried to sleep – but no go. – I decided to go down town this aft. – Put on my plaid shirt – felt better. Ray + I + Kenny + Marg went to the ballgame… It was fun. Marg is staying all night with me – her folks are gone

1940 Relapse – slept intermittently all day… about 4:00 went down town on dry deal for “Shopping News” (map) – should rate 10 or 15… I hope I can synchronize it – the Carpenter job okay… Then went out to collitch (subconsciously in search of Leonard) saw the cases – crazy, artsy, marvelous!

1941 Thur Sleeping with Eleanor. – I feel so sort of crushed. Don’t know why I should. but I do – Hell.

1942 Fri I get a date + then Haakenson + John come over + establish residence! I got them to call up D.J. + Peggy + we sat on the porch + then went + looked at the faces.

1943 SAT Moved most of my stuff over this afternoon. (Donna Brown is an awfully sweet kid) Won’t sleep there until tomorrow night, though. Hope this deal will work out okay… Hogan is here to see Mickey. We went to dinner + a movie – Lily Mars. The ensign was over.