1939 Wed. Everything was innocuous enough to-day. - I imagine teaching can become a bore. - Marg + her mother were over for dinner - Mother is always doing something unpremeditated like that --- that's what I admire in her so much -- 
     you said it!
1940 12:00 Most uneventful... wish I could have gone to game at Vermillion... or had a date to-night. (Eilers is supposed to take me to H.C. Dance tomorrow - finally - a date - hope its good)
1941 2:30 Went to Citizen Kane @ w/ Emil - Both puzzle me slightly. But I don't seem to care. - Wore myself out down town. Dad had to go to the hospital last night.
1942 12:30 Wilber phoned me today from Arkansas. (Gee, I'm a heel for not writing) he's in O.C's... Went out with Mr. Ira -- was singularly unimpressed but evidently it wasn't mootual...saw Lober + Lauderstien in the Java Room... They + Leonard + John had a Halloween Party - ha - too late to call.