1939 Sunday - I was conscious only a small portion of the day - just long enough to eat + wash my face + fix my nails!
1940 Depressed, lonely, cold - all day today... Grey November... kicked out M. for the rest of the week. Felt good... Nat'l election... looks like Roosevelt's in again. Personally, it's okay with me.
1941 Wed Leonard went out with Marion -- the hag. Thought he had better taste -- Hope I have guts enough to take advantage of the next opportunity I have to talk w/ him. - DJ. + I went to Range in Heaven. 
1942 Thurs (Maybe he does, maybe he doesn't!) ... I was irritated for no good reason all day... But Leonard called, so I felt better. We went downtown - instead of going to the dance, we called on Don and had a picnic... we like him lots....