1939 And so to bed! - It still seems rather odd to be sleeping alone. - Eleanor has been gone 3 weeks now - She has a job she likes in a Real Estate office -- I'll die if she doesn't get home for Thurs. - Christmas. 
1940 3:00 Gee, really swell. Freddie is very attractive tall nice-looking - very sweet -- ! and asked me for a date tomorrow ! ! ! We went to a coupla nightclubs in Sioux City with Blanche + Allan. Fred knows his way around... Accomplished little today - Called Mother... Wish the pixies would correct those themes. 
1941 12:00 Well, in the next 10 days I'll see if I have any guts at all. - I'm determined (here we go again) to lose 10 pounds. Wrote letters, went to Honky Tonk (Wow) w/ DJ- Met Bob + Emil
1942 1:00 almost... And I've been up waiting for Wilbur (about time). Had a MARVELOUS letter from Don --- in NEW GUINEA. (Leonard didn't call!) started in the GRILL.
1943 11:30 Oh gosh, here's another night and I haven't written in here and caught up. Will I ever? - Wrote to my true love. I made market calls. Ate more than I intended to... Oh hell... Heard from Bill at Princeton. Oh Foo.