1939 Except for the test, I'm all through with my actual teaching- I really liked the kids... Last period Bob + Leonard traipsed in -- put an apple on my desk + stayed for class! -- They are such nuts -- took me down to the Palace afterwards - Bob took me to the lecture at school
1940 11:00 I seem to have absolutely no capacity for work! -- No ambition... No interest... Hope I get over this phase pretty soon... 4 weeks till Thanksgiving... Then three weeks until Christmas vacation... This is awful.. I shouldn't live for tomorrow; but for today... you're always disillusioned with that mechanism... rather nice day... slept till date with Freddie.. him I like... hope it is mootual.
1941 10:22 Thank goodness I don't have to count the days until vacation this yr.... Don't know if I'll be doing the job at Brookings or go to Chicago... Saw Sari tonight. Marj has a baby girl -- named it after Virginia -- I'm doing my damndest. 
1942 2:00 Whaddya know, I went to Jan Savitt with David's 'little" brother. He is very beautiful and has a lovely disposition* -- Unlike David. Mister Payne called this aft; I wonder if he thought about going -- nuts to him.)... *A little too affectionate, tho...
1943 10:30 Golly, where do the evenings go? I just wrote Jarv. + Leonard on my new blue "Love Letters" (only one of them was!) - Donna + I are certainly compatible... I'm trying to keep a jump + a half of Dorothy + it is a strain! Mother wrote - so sweet.