1939 3:30! S.F.C. game (we won!) - Bob + Leo. + Donna + I rang the victory bell in Old Main then struggled over here where I made hamburgers and we ate + talked till now! -- I think Leonard is really attractive!
1940 10:30 ha ha ha ha (hysterically!) here I am going to bed again - tomorrow is just a BIG question mark... BUT I had such fun tonight. Harold FINALLY caught up with me --- after literally trailing me around the town... HOMECOMING date - went to Remsen + had a nice place all to ourselves...coke...danced... heavenly!
1941 Tues. Gr- o - a- n. Greek Architecture.  --- finished sleeve of my sweater. Eleanor's vacation is next week -- so no Chicago. 
1942 Wed 11:00 Hell! Even Basin Street was disgustin tonight [but not half as disgustin as you, babe!] Even by getting up at 10:00, I managed to get 3 Roosians on... Leonard made a pass at me when I was showing him the grill. I resisted!