1939 Monday 10:00 I am alone in the house. Outside a cat is singing a wild duet, with the wind. I feel suddenly lonely and almost afraid. I wish I had more courage. Today Krause's book came out. It is here on the table beside me, waiting to be read...
1940 Tuesday 10:30 - Although I went to sleep for a while on the davenport, I am infinitely exhausted... In a way I feel much the same as this day last year; but lonely in a different sort of way + older.
We finally heard from E.
1941 Thurs. 12:00 - It was winter again today... Am rather happy... Chopin on radio... I just got a... out of my eye... had a date w/ Freddie... purely platonic... We have to have a few drinks to feel romantic, that's a cinch...
1942 Fri Leonard wasn't in class because he'd been to the Morrell party last night. Cliff fixed him up w/ some Babe! - Makes me feel wonderful - Went skating tonight had a really sooper time - Peggy's swell.
1943 SAT JARV TOOK ME DANCIN' tonight AT THE "RIALTO" - A LATIN BAND PLAYED - QUEL FUN TO DO A CONGA! - A RATHER wild PLACE, though... HE IS A LITTLE FAST FOR MY League... BRISK THOUGH! - TEASED ME ALL EVENING - HAS HAD A LOT OF experience... I GOT A reply from one of the letters... Scholastic Press... advertising l.o. Got lost in subway... Ended up in Harlem