1939 Tuesday: Stayed out at the dorm tonight. I baked the girls a cake instead of giving them valentine... We ate that + lots of other stuff. I had my fortune told - she did a good job there is a star on my fate line I feel full of candy + coke
1940 Wed 2:30 - Low Ebb - Will it ever be over? - Howard, Marg + scheduled pictures... I stayed w/ Marg... Had a run in w/ Hofsted over proposal for Edda amendment... I know its worth fighting for
1941 Friday! 10:15 Grim... Grade School operetta... Poor Mary, I'm glad I don't have to put on something like that... But Egad, when am I going to get those plays picked out? - 
1942 1:30 Leonard sent me a rose - Isn't that touching. Nuts. Wasted whole aft. w/ Wilber + Bob. Went to How Green Was my Valley with Lee tonight + the Lofthus. (L's date of Thurs broke up w/ her b.f. of 6 months.)
1943 SUN. 1:00 Wrote to Eleanor, did my layouts phoned Lois Carvan and went over to see her; she is wonderful + encouraging she kept my kodachromes to show someone. Of course I went to the wrong subway station. Its COLD!